Why people do live shows on applications like Blued.

First of all, let's begin with a clear disclaimer that this post is not for anyone who is even slightly judgemental as for you it's surely gonna be something out of your understanding capabilities. Now that we have the desired audience in the house, it's time to spill some tea! And just to be sure that this is not a promotional post or a strategy to promote blued, as it was suggested by a regular reader hence we went ahead and worked in it. 

Our society has attached some serious stigma against stripping and being naked in public or the internet, but trust us as there is nothing to feel ashamed of. Stripping on camera is just as normal as uploading your pictures on social media, as we all have at least once seen these live shows on sites like Chaturbate and Blued. What occurred to us most while watching these live performances is why do people do it in the first place, what inspires them and how does it help them. Hence we spoke to a few of these amazing people and got some groundbreaking answers. We have decided to mention the reasons in general and not disclose any names. If you wish to add your inputs to this article, please mention them in the comment section below. 

Majority of the people who performed these live shows mentioned that the reason they do it is to avoid loneliness. They have been either staying alone or feeling lonely and coming on these live shows help them meet, greet and talk to new people. Platforms like blued have viewers all over the world, and they are pretty active when it comes to live shows. There are moments when the host gets flooded with questions that they get baffled and are unable to answer anything. But it really makes them feel special that there are so many people who are interested in talking to them. 

There are many hosts on applications like blued who think that they are generally not as sexually appealing in real life. For these people applications like blued serve a plethora of options wider than their geographical reach. We are all aware that we are all attracted to different types of people. Some are attracted to slim guys where some people like bulky guys. When hosting a live show, what happens is that the majority of the audience who stay and watch your shows are attracted to you, and that makes the host feel desired. 

These applications also have options where the audience can send you tips and tokens to compliment or appreciate you and your talent. These tokens can be later exchanged for money and it helps them to earn some extra cash at a side. Many host’s make sure to impress the audience by performing a seductive dance, striptease and promise for a private show in exchange for these tokens and the majority of these hosts successfully earn thousands through platforms like these. 

For those who are not into collecting these tokens, they show their artistic side or talent to the audience. Their ultimate goal is to appeal the audience through their talks or talent and increase their fanbase. Even the ones who do a strip on their live show, it's majorly why the audience is there in the first place and if they don't do it, there is a huge possibility that no one would even watch them. So as both types of profiles deliver what the audience is wanting, and it does end up making them feel special in the process. 

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