Why are majority of LGBT kids victim of Pedophilia?

It has been evident that in some teenagers it's easy to suspect one’s sexual orientation and gender dysphoria based on certain characteristics and behavioural pattern. Society judge LGBT teenagers based on natural behavioural differences like the way they talk, walk, their hand movements, and their reaction towards different types of the situation etc. As soon as a male kid or teenager is suspected behaving feminine, the society either starts teasing or harassing them or forces them to change these characteristics. These kids are asked to behave against their instincts, to protect them and their family from suffering shame. Hence since a very young age, these individuals are made to realise that, being different is bad and they have to suppress these instincts and act normal.

These kids have it tough, as there is a lot of pressure from their peer and society to behave in a certain way. To make sure that they avoid being noticed, most of them prefer staying home and keeping minimum interaction with people. These kids and teenagers are considered as an easy target by paedophile’s, as they are already so scared about many things happening in their personal life, they could be threatened more and made sure that they don’t confront or confess the incidents in front of family or friends.

Now there are a large number of people who say that, its the adults from the LGBT community who take advantage of these adolescents but its farther from the truth. During our research, we discovered that there have been instances that the majority of these people were molested by their family members, neighbours and close family friends. These are heterosexual men/women you are majorly settled in their lives and are not fully satisfied by their partners or are unable to get sex amongst adults of their age. They use these innocent kids to fulfil their sexual desires and leave them vulnerable for the majority of their lives.

Many adolescents aren’t even aware of what these adults are trying to do to them, as these adults usually introduce these sexual acts saying that it's a secret game they have to play together. Once the kids realise that something wrong is happening with them they are threatened to be killed or being exposed about their sexual orientation or gender dysphoria. The fear of losing their family and friends forces them to let these adult do what they want and in return, they get to save their secret. There are many a time that these kids are involved in sexual situations which they are too young to experience and understand and this leaves permanent scars in their minds.

Being molested as a teenager is a memory which is very hard to forget for these victims as they have to suffer a lot mentally and physically due to these encounters! There was an incident which was shared by one of the victims who wish to be anonymous and he shared his story saying “when he was around the age of 14, he was a very cheerful kid. He used to talk to all his neighbours and respect everyone. One such Thursday while he was wandering in his lane, he realised one of his neighbours was calling him. He went to meet him and started talking. While conversing this neighbour mentioned that he has to go to his warehouse to get some raw materials and asked if he cared to join. As he was one of his neighbours, he agreed and went to this warehouse with him. Once they reached there he realised that suddenly this neighbour had started behaving weird. He locked the door and asked him to get naked. He was very scared and didn’t know what to do, but after being threatened to be beaten up he did as it was asked. Then his neighbour physically molested him and technically raped him. His neighbour also clicked his naked pictures and threatened him saying that if he shares this incident with anyone he will upload these pictures on the internet. After this incident for almost a few weeks, he couldn’t even sit, stand or walk properly but he never dared to tell anyone what had happened with him.”

It’s very important to take care of the kids these days as anyone can easily be a victim of paedophilia. It’s been proven fact that the majority of the time the molester is a known face, due to which the incident does not get revealed. Its also essential to teach our kids the difference between a good touch and a bad touch since a very young age and a safe environment need to be created amongst, kids and parents so that the kids can share anything and everything with them.

P.S. If you interested in reading the detailed molestation storey mentioned above and many such stores do let us know on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook DM’s and we will create a section on the same.

{The objective of these stories will be purely for educational basis only}

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