If you’ve got big bucks to spend, Jhatka is your final destination! Futuristically designed, what gives Jhatka an edge over others, is not only the interesting mix of international, electronic as well as the popular Bollywood music, it is known as the Bollywood hub. 

Jhatka launched their Page 3 Celebrity & Models Night curated by Alok Narula , Aquib Khan, Aarav Jain & Piyush. It is especially curated to treat their loyal customers an endless night of party, food & drinks.  One of the most rambunctious bars in the city, providing Mumbai's hottest ladies with the ultimate, unique International night out experience. One stop destination for Mumbai's elite. The foot thumping music will make you sway whole night long. 

 Telly actress Donald Bisht was spotted celebrating her birthday bash along with her friends.

Apart from the launch of Page 3 Party & Donald Bisht's birthday bash, Jhatka also celebrated the success of Kala Joda, a song by Priyanka Negi, DJ Aquib Khan ft, Hotline which is trending ever since its release. 

Sunil Grover, Amar Updhayay, Krutika Sharma, Gavie Chahal, Abhishek Bajaj, Rakesh and Rajeev Paul, Mitali Nag, Dj Akhtar, Dj Shiezwood, Avinash Sachdev, Aparna Dixit, & many more were spotted at the celebrations.

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