Signs you might be 'Closeted Homophobic'

Thanks to the decriminalisation of Sec 377, the LGBTQ+ community can walk around without the fear of being arrested for their sexual orientation. This amendment in the legislation has further helped our community to put forward appeals, for equal rights for the LGBT community like marriage, adoption, etc. It appears that our community has many allies, who have open-heartedly accepted us, but there are still some homophobic people who intend to make our lives miserable.

There have been so many people who have been extremely vocal about not supporting the LGBT Community like our religious leaders and politicians. They have their reasons and hopefully, research and education can help become more accepting. In today's blog, we focus on someone who says they are an ally but in reality, they are still a little homophobic. These pointers apply to all sexualities, as we have witnessed the majority of homophobic comments from the LGBT community itself.

You say that you are ok with people being gay but, it should not happen with your family and friends.

There have been many instances where we encounter such people in our lives. These majorly are the family members and friends of individuals questioning or struggling with their sexuality. This is an ironic thing to experience as they react so positively and supportingly when some other kid comes out as gay, but its a completely different reaction when you tell them about yourself.

You make jokes about gay people and gay relationships.

We are not against the idea of people using few hysteric elements and stereotypes of the LGBT community and comically express them. The problem arises when we start demeaning the integrity of the community through our jokes. Hence it’s a very thin line to gander around, when it comes to joking using the LGBT theme as even a minor line can offend someone deeply.

You associate being gay as a bad thing.

We hear people using statements like, ‘This shirt looks so gay’ or something like ‘that’s so gay of you.’ The problem in this statement is that the word ‘gay’ had been used as a synonym for something bad or worst! This practice needs to be stopped as it gives out a strong message that, there is something seriously wrong in being gay.

You still believe that it’s a sin according to the bible!

This argument of homosexuality being a sin is truly deteriorating, as despite there being so many facts and research well presented, people are not ready to accept it. It’s considered that even having such thoughts is a mortal sin and homosexuals have no chance of being forgiven as they deser to rot in hell. (Soon there will be a blog spoken on just homosexuality and religion there we shall discuss this issue in much detail) 

You usually say “I’m ok with gay people until they come after me!”

There is a huge misconception amongst ‘heterosexual’ people that all ‘homosexuals’ are attracted towards them, but this can be farther from the truth. There have been incidents where some gay guys are attracted to straight men or have a crush on them, but it's not the case with all gay guys. Even if a guy is interested in you and if you kindly reject their proposal that’s not going to hurt anyone. 

You think “It's ok to be gay but why do they have to behave so feminine?”

Now the way we talk, we walk and behave is encoded in our genes and we do not have control over that. Few people train themselves to restrict them from behaving in a certain way but inside, you still know its a show you put up for people. 

Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you should behave like one!

Now, who defines how to behave gay and straight? Due to a few stereotypes which the society has listed as feminine behaviour and masculine behaviour makes people think that any man who acts or behaves feminine is being gay. This is just a mentality thing which the society had imposed upon us, as many heterosexual men behave a little feminine too! 

I like men too, but not the one’s who be so openly gay in public.

This one’s mostly for all the bisexual men, as it majorly is their criteria for finding hookups on apps like Grindr and PlanetRomeo. These people despite being a part of the community are always demeaning the worth of ‘feminine’ and ‘out and proud’ gay guys as they want to keep their sexuality a secret. See we understand that being open about your sexuality is your choice, but demeaning others in the process is not really fair! 

If you relate to any of our points there is a huge possibility that you might be a little homophobic, but clicking here proves that you want to understand the community and become more supportive. In that case, just keep doing your research and try to inculcate all the good practices that these experts suggest.

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