Sabrina Sapal hits the right chord with ‘Shauq Marran Da’

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words, it speaks in emotions. What grabs the masses attention are the lines that are sung by the singers with their soulful singing. One of the versatile Indo-Urban artist Sabrina Sapal who recently made her music debut with ‘Shauq Marran Da’ under the banner of Times Music is gaining immense popularity among the masses because of its simplicity and inclusive approach.

Sufi music which is richly diverse and holds extreme depth and meaning to it, that shows how purely one is tied to its culture and music, such a Punjabi Sufi love song is sung by Sabrina Sapal the San-Diego, California based singer who was always drawn towards music and has now build the bridge between the east and west.

“It is a song that expresses to the audience the hardships the character experiences with society and the love for God. Everyone who listens to the song will have their own interpretation of the song, which makes it so special. It is up to the audience how they relate to the song personally. It makes me very happy to know that people are loving my song and accepting me and my music in the part of their life.” Quoted Sabrina Sapal.

She has swayed the audience with her beautiful performance and melodious singing. Her song ‘Shauq Marran Da’ has won million hearts by crossing million views on the internet.

Sabrina attracted towards music at a very young age, making her sing on various platforms all across the world. The young sensational singer is classically trained enough to play different instruments like Tuba, Clarinet and Dhol, which makes her talented singer with extra musical skills.

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