Police Brutality: It's time this injustice stops!

Now that we heard about what happened with Jayraj and Fenix, it just brought all the disturbing encounters we as the LGBT community have had with the police over these past few decades. We understand that not all cops do this, but the ones who do, they create such terror that it makes it impossible for people to keep faith in our police force. If you would have seen movies like ‘I Am’ and Series like ‘Made in Heaven’ you will get to see a glimpse of what actually used to happen with guys when they used to get caught while having or being suspected for homosexual activity. 

After 377 was decriminalised, it was expected that there would be some changes in the eyes of our society, but that seems to have impacted nothing. It is still seen that homosexuals and transsexuals are either blackmailed or physically abused after being caught. The worst part about these incidents is that they never get reported, as the ones who are responsible for our safety and well-being, are the ones who violate them! 

While looking for someone who could openly speak about an incident which they had in relation to police brutality, we came across Nirmal. He was just 19 when this incident had happened with him, but like others, he was so scared that he never even spoke to anyone about this. (To save the identity of the victim, we have used pseudonyms.) 

Just like an ordinary day, Nirmal went to college, attended all his lectures and then decided to go back home. The only thing which was different from other days was that few of his classmates decided to join him. While they were on their way back, one of their friends suggested going from a short cut, as it would help them reach home faster. All agreed and decided to follow him, and they found themselves on railways tracks, as it would save them around 15 minutes of time to go from east to west. While they were crossing the tracks, suddenly they heard two men asking them to stop. 

Nirmal’s other two friends ran away but as he had no idea what was happening, he was caught even before he could start running. He soon figured that those were cops in civil uniform and they had caught him on the ground’s that it was illegal to cross tracks. Nirmal begged those police officers not to take any actions, as it genuinely was the first time he came from this path, and he promised that he would never do this again. The cops didn't listen to a single word he said, and grabbed his collar and took him with them. While they were taking him to the police station, he kept begging the cops not to take any serious actions as he was completely innocent and had no idea about this breach. He kept acclaiming that if his father would find out, he would punish him severely. That’s when the police stopped, enquired a little about him and asked, what could he do for his freedom.

Nirmal had no idea what was going to happen next as he saw the police office’s looking into each other's eyes and sharing this wicket smile. They started walking again and in some time they reached near an isolated construction site. This place seemed to be shut for a while, and there was no one to be seen. Before Nirmal could even ask why he was there, one of the officers commanded him to kneel. Before he could voluntarily do that, the other officer pushed him down. That's when the other officer said, “you are going to be our whore (Rand) and we will only leave you once we both are fully satisfied”. They also warned that if he tried to act smart, they would put false allegations against him and destroy him.

The officer who was in front of him unzipped his pants and asked Nirmal to worship his cock with his mouth, while the other one was trying to pull his pants down and enter his finger in his rectum. While he was inserting his fingers, adding one after few strokes, he was joyfully telling the other cop that “we have found ourselves a virgin today, it'll be fun breaking his virginity”. Nirmal was not able to understand what he should do as there was no one who could even help him. This happened for a while, and there were moments when his head was pushed so vigorously that he couldn’t breath and the fingers were pushed so deep that he had tears in his eyes. After around 10 minutes of chocking and fisting, the officer enjoy the blow said, “now you come to enjoy this hole (His Mouth) while I enjoy that”. As they switched spot, the officer took some spit and applied it on his anal area, while the other officer pushed his cock in Nirmal’s mouth.

 Just when the was about to push his manhood inside Nirmal’s rectum, they heard the sound of a car coming towards the construction site, before they could react; Nirmal took this distraction as an opportunity and decided to run. He was almost half-naked, as his pants were beneath his knees, but he couldn't risk getting caught so he kept running and decided to hide behind a dustbin once he reached the main road. After a while, he saw those policemen searching for him, but they didn't see him as he was hidden so well and walked past him. To be extra cautious, he waited there for more 20 to 30 min and then he walked a little further, took an auto and went home.

This incident was so disturbing for him that he couldn't go to college for a few days as he had high fever, due to which his parents also couldn’t force him. This incident impacted him so bad that, even today when he sees police officers, he gets uncomfortable and frightened. This is just one story we came across but in reality, there are many such incidents which happen on a day to day basis, but none of them are spoken or reported. 

The intention behind sharing Nirmal’s story in detail is that something very similar happened with the father and son who were molested by cops in the name of interrogation. we wanted to make sure that there comes some resolution as there has to be some law or structure which needs to be put in place, as otherwise the policemen of our country will have no fear and will torcher any and every individual they desire. 

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