No Greater and Noble service than Teaching says, Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan a Bollywood star, who as also renowned as the Greek god of Indian cinema during the promotion of his new movie Super30, expressed his true feelings about what he feels for all the teachers. He did acclaim that teaching is a noble deed and teachers should be felicitated and respected for their noble deed.

looking at the trailer his fans are very excited to see how he will be able to portray the life of an inspirational teacher Anand Kumar with Mrunal Thakur as his wife. the fans are waiting for 12th July for the release of the movie as this movie is expected to be the next hit movie to win the heart of the audience and critics, as the movie is directed by Vikas Bahl.

Below there is also a video attached for all the fans who want to hear about his opinion through his own words.

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