Molestation takes a spike in the LGBT Community

In our previous article, ‘Why are the majority of LGBT kids victim of Pedophilia?’ We have discussed being sexually molested as a child, but this doesn’t mean that adults are safe from these sexual predators. In today's generation, for some reason; it is universally believed that people who belong to the LGBT community are sexually available for anyone! In public and private scenarios, these predators try to touch us differently, hint at us that they are sexually available and in the worst-case scenario try to sexually abuse us without our consent. They are well aware that, due to being born in this heteronormative society, the majority of us would not raise their voice and hence they take advantage of this situation.

Being born with gender dysphoria or a less popular sexual orientation is already tough as there are so many problems we have to tackle for getting our basic rights. Added to it, even if something wrong happens with us and we go and report it to the officials, it is concluded that we would have done something to instigate the molester. It is believed that people who belong to the LGBT community have at least once been in a situation where they were molested or were about to be molested.

We spoke to a person who wishes to stay anonymous but has allowed us to use his story for this blog. (we have used pseudonyms for reference purposes.) Ankit was a 21-year-old boy who used to stay in the suburbs of Mumbai. He usually was always engrossed in his college life and work life, but he always used to feel lonely. During this time he had realised that he was gay but did not have any experience yet. He made himself a fake account on Grindr and decided to meet a few people who were like him. While cruising on his application, he came across Sunil, a 30-year-old man who stayed in his neighbourhood.

They started talking over the application and after a few days decided to meet in their neighbourhood. Ankit was super excited as he was going to meet Sunil for the first time. When they met, they easily connected as they had so many things they wanted to know about each other’s life. That day, they took a walk for around an hour and decided to go home, promising that they would meet the next day. It was the next morning, and Ankit received a message from Sunil informing him that they could meet at his terrace today, as it has a wonderful view, he might enjoy. Ankit found this gesture romantic and quickly agreed to it. It was around 7 in the evening and Ankit was back from his college, so he messaged Sunil about his availability. Sunil sent him his building address and instructed him to directly come on the terrace.

Ankit reached his terrace and saw Sunil was embracing the view, he didn't want to disturb him but yet decided to call him out. Sunil was being quite a gentleman as he welcomed Ankit to come to the edge and enjoy the view. They both started talking and complimenting the scenery when suddenly Sunil excused himself for a minute and locked the terrace door. Ankit was surprised by this and asked him, “why did you do that?” to which Sunil replied “if you wish to go from here you need to do what I say! If you follow my instructions I will let you go.” Ankit tried to talk him through but Sunil was not ready to listen.

Sunil pulled his pant down and commanded Ankit to please him orally, Ankit not being that well versed with the whole concept of sex, couldn't reciprocate and hence Sunil decided to be rough and harsh. There were moments when Ankit tried to push back and run away, but he realised that he was trapped and had nowhere to go, hence he couldn't retaliate. After a few minutes passed, Sunil got more and more aggressive and he instructed Ankit to strip. Ankit decided in his head to do whatever he was instructed as he did not intend to be hurt or killed, as he could see a completely different person in Sunil's eyes. After raping Ankit for around 25 to 30 minutes, he ejaculated inside his rectum and left him naked on the terrace and left.

Ankit was completely shattered as he was bleeding from his insides and had many bite marks and bruises on his entire body. It was his first sexual encounter where the rapist hadn't even used any lubricant, due to which there was a lot of internal tears and bleeding from his anal area. Even though he didn't have the energy to even stand, he still gathered the courage and got dressed and went home. He knew that he couldn't share this incident with anyone and he had to deal with this alone, as he was still in the closet. He went into the pantry, took a ‘Sanitary Pad’ and prepared a bath for him. He cautiously cleaned himself, wore a Sanitary Pad so that the bleeding does not spoil his clothes, went to his room and slept. He had unbearable pain for weeks to come, but he decided not to meet the doctor, if the doctor suspected that he was raped, the doctor would inform his parents and he would be shamed for life.

The whole purpose of sharing this story was that we can never trust anyone, as even the person who seems to be kind and friendly could have a hidden motive. The thing which upsets us the most is that after an injustice or a criminal activity happened with us, we feel as if we have done something wrong and do not even report it in the first place. Hence it has been evident that there are molestations happening almost every day but due to our silence, it stays hidden and unsuspected. It's a humble request, always report if someone is doing anything wrong with us, as our silence today might cost someone’s life tomorrow.

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