Maybe I don't want heaven

As coming from a closeted LGBT community there are very few things one can do as a gay boy. one of which is surfing the internet for LGBT things, and once while listening to a very inspirational gay Australian singer cum you-tuber TROYE SIVAN just came across a song with this lyrics.

As per Christianity belief, being an LGBT person is considered as a sin and a sinner cannot go to heaven. Troye Sivan wrote the song heaven and this lyrics really touched my heart.

the chorus of the song said:

Without losing a piece of me How do I get to heaven?

Without changing a part of me How do I get to heaven?

All my time is wasted Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh

So if I'm losing a piece of me Maybe I don't want heaven?

these lyrics simply explains that being born as a lesbian gay or bisexual person is not a choice but living it proudly is.

If you are interested in listening to the song you can watch it below.

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