Lockdown: LGBT individuals stuck with homophobic parents

Lockdown plays an essential role in getting the coronavirus pandemic in control. it has been promoted stating that this lockdown will help families to come closer than ever. But, for LGBT individuals who stay with their homophobic parents, this situation has turned out to be a nightmare. The clash of the parents and kids have evidently made this lockdown a much more serious affair.

It has been well established that we are born gay and it is not something like a lifestyle choice or a habit developed over time. It's upsetting to see that in heterosexual dominating society individuals who do not identify in the gender norms are shamed for something they are born with. There have been few cases which has occurred in this lockdown stage which makes us more upset as to how much an LGBT individual has to face.

To control the spread of coronavirus, the government has suggested a lockdown and advised everyone to stay at their home. This act has proven to reduce the virus spread but there are few LGBT individuals for whom this has been a very bad occurrence. According to a report by BBC News, Sam a 23 years old dancer, from Birmingham, has a tough time at home as he says that "I saw the career I love disappear overnight, and now I'm stuck in isolation with homophobes." he also mentioned that "My mum says that homosexuality is an evil disease and that the devil is making me gay. She loudly prays every day that I'll be delivered from sin and find a wife. I genuinely have nowhere else to go during this mad time, so I'm just putting up with the abuse." Sam mentioned that he feels like the LGBT community has forgotten people like him. he said "I see on social media that people are so busy filming home workouts, and holding online parties, that they don't realise there are people like me struggling to stay alive right now. Not because of the coronavirus, but because of their sexuality."

he hasn't been the only individual suffering due to this lockdown as 19 years old Nicky who is a marketing assistant from London. In January was "outed" as gay by a family friend. Her mum and her mum's partner immediately asked her to leave their home, saying they did not support her "lifestyle decision". They only allowed her back after she experienced some mental health problems. she mentioned that "Living with my homophobic family is like having flatmates you don't like. You don't talk to them, you just get on with your life."

Nicky's work schedule meant she previously got up early and returned home late. She rarely saw her family. she said that "I used to spend as much time out of the house as I could. With the lockdown, everything has changed. I can't believe it. I'm not allowed to eat the food my mum and her partner buy. My mum's partner talks about me as if I can't hear him. He says I'm disgusting and he hopes he doesn't catch what I have."

Nicky had planned to move out in April, but after losing shifts at work she is now unsure where she stands. she said that "As bad as it is at home, I just can't afford to move out. I'm using the deposit I saved up just to get by. I need to wait for all of this virus stuff to be over before I start trying again."

There are many other individuals who are stuck in their homes living suffering through all the abuse and torcher. the only reason why they are not accepted in their own homes is due to the difference in gender identity or sexual orientation. This should awaken thought in our mind as its high time for our society. to realise that we are not Sick or Mentally ill. We were born in this world just like the heterosexuals and we are as normal as they are.

-Navel Nazareth

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