"KUMAR SANU DA IS MY IDOL.” Says Vishal Srivastav

Vishal Srivastav has mentioned on various occasions that he looks up to Kumar Sanu & has grown up listening to his songs, says this fanboy moment will continue forever.

Singing on the Kumar Sanu special at the Rising Star infront of Kumar Sanu has been a gratifying experience for Vishal . “I grew up in 90s listening to some fantastic romantic bollywood songs and there was one person who dominated bollywood music scene was Kumar Sanu I will always look upto him.”

It wont be wrong to say Vishal Srivastav is the Number one Fan of Kumar Sanu, or Sanuda as he lovingly called, who is also known as the voice of the king of romance. “I've gotten to know so much about Singing from him , I respect him more after my personal interaction with him on the sets. I have seen how meticulous he is about every verse and. If Kumar Sanu sir is where he is today, it is because of his ability and desire to give the best and I strive to be singing with him someday”.

An auto rickshaw driver, Vishal Srivastav was raised in an under privileged family in his happy and sad times had the songs sung by Kumar Sanu by his side. The passengers on board Srivastav's ride always enjoyed and appreciated his Singing and liking towards Kumar Sanu da.

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