Its time to be realistic

Few days ago when I had gone for my first interview ever the interviewer asks me are you an optimistic person or a Pessimistic person to be honest, the first time somebody asked me that once I was just sitting with quite some good friends of mine very suddenly a random girl came walking up to me and asked me are you an optimistic person?

Honestly speaking I couldn't even realise or understand what that was meant I thought as complicated it sounds it might be a negative word and I said no I am not an optimistic person I am really not she got surprised and she walked away and then I realise I said something wrong so I walk to one of my friend and asked her can you tell me what is an optimistic person so fancy explain why I was in shock because according to the correct definition and optimistic person if somebody who always thinks positive and he keeps a happy go lucky nature in a Pessimistic person is somebody who is always having a bit of negative thought on him and thinks negative a lot so eventually when I realised the true meaning of optimistic and to that girl and I told her I am so sorry for my mistake but yes I am an optimistic person and it honestly told her why I told her earlier that I wasn't an optimistic person and after listening to my reply she laughed laughed and today we are very good friends so by the way honesty that give you good friends so now when I was in this interview and when my interviewer asked me about me being optimistic or Pessimistic I wanted to be real there as well

After thinking for around 10 to 15 seconds I quickly replied saying so I am neither optimistic nor Pessimistic I am realistic with a delicate smile on my interviewers face he asked to define what according to you is realistic then after me telling him that how I believe in the fact that I sometimes it is important for people to think positive and it sometimes people should also think negative because too much positive can also make things go wrong and having too much of negativity is also not fine so having a perfect blend of positivity and negativity makes life because if there is everything positive happening in life you don't have constant happiness eventually at one point of time you realise everything is happy everything is good everything is positive it was boring that negativity is also important to make you realise that you are leaving human life and not life saved so when I I'm in such a way he was very surprised because I was very clear about what I wanted to speak at the same time I was very clear about my thought vision and the question he had asked me to my surprise to job which is going to be given to me as an intern he after listening to this answer give me an opportunity to work with him as a permanent employee but as you know how I am I eventually decided to quit within 5 months and I had other commitments to fulfil.


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