"If you want to learn something, study it" says Bijay J Anand, actor and Kundalini Yoga Guru

"If you want to master something, teach it” says Bijay J Anand, actor and Kundalini Yoga Guru, quoting from his teacher Yogi Bhajan, as he packs his bags for his upcoming European teaching tour of 5-countries starting from UK, Sweden, Finland, Belarus and The Czech Republic.

Apart from being a ‘Headliner Presenter’ at two of Europe’s finest yoga and healing festivals, Bijay will be teaching several workshops and seminars in all of these countries.

And how does he balance his busy teaching schedule with his incredible line-up of projects which include SherShaah with Dharma productions, Ezra with Panorama productions and Bahubali for Netflix?

“When you surrender to the cosmic vibration and flow in its music, everything falls into place”, he says signing off.

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