“Glamour Industry Has Been Rather Kind to Me”: Deepak Agrawal

Deepak Agrawal is a music director and lyricist in Indian Film and Music Industry. He has worked as a music director and lyricist for many Bollywood films. From his childhood days, Deepak wanted to be a music director. He ventured in Music Direction as he always wanted to be a Music Director. He quit his education after standard 12 to pursue his passion for music and lyrics writing.

Deepak is a resident of Firozabad and like several other aspirants came to Mumbai unaware

of what his future held for him. Initially, it was hard to carve a niche for him. A decade later, he retrospects, he has made the right decision, and the glamour industry has been rather kind to him. Deepak was always passionate about musical direction. He faced the music for the first time in the film "Khel to ab shuru Hoga".

With his good works, he was soon offered music project in various Films. Deepak's first break came as a lyricist in 2013 with the film “ Zindagi 50/50”,

the music of which was composed by Vivek Kar & the song was sung by Bappi Lahiri. As a lyricist, he has worked on movies like “Ooops A Desi”(2013), “Hum Bade Aashiq Mizaaj”(2016), “Khel To Ab Shuru Hoga”(2016), “Ek Kahani Julie Ki”(2016), “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai”(2017), “Raktdhar”(2017). In 2016, Deepak made his debut as a music composer with “Khel To Ab Shuru Hoga” and has since then composed music for films like “Ek Kahani Julie Ki”(2016), “Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai”(2017), “Raktdhar”(2017).

In 2018, Deepak wrote the lyrics & composed the song “Baari Baari” for the movie “Jaane Kyun De Yaaron”. Now, with big-ticket Bollywood projects falling in his lap, Deepak Agrawal looks all set to zoom into the big league where the true potential of his immense talent truly lies. He has a number of films, including. Movies: Upcoming as music director -1)-Dark Life (2019),2)-Love in a Taxi (2019),3)-Secret of Selfie (2019), 4)-100 Gram Zindagi (2019) ,5)-Fun In Goa (2019) ,6)-Something Wrong (2019) 7)- Banda Nawaz (2019),8)-Black Market (2019)

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