Do a post-Holi Cleansing Ritual with the NS Style Salon exclusive DETOX Manicure & Pedicure!

With the Festival of Colors just around the corner, the enthusiasm is evident when find kids waiting behind walls and cars to spray water on innocent pedestrians. While Holi is undeniably the most vibrant and colorful festival in the world, the post-Holi period is equally traumatic for the skin, hair, and nails. The NS Style Salon has designed a special post-Holi cleansing ritual with an exclusive manicure and pedicure to ensure that your hands and feet are free from all the chemicals that abound them during Holi.

In recent years, many people have started opting for a color-free Holi or a natural color-only Holi. However, there is always someone who loves using strong colors that are not easy to remove. While most people pay a lot of attention to their face and hair, the hands and feet, that face the brunt of all the chemicals, are often ignored or do not get equal attention. NS Style Salon has carefully crafted a Detox package to rid your body, both internally and externally, of harmful toxins and help rejuvenate your spirit.

The Detox ritual includes a concoction of Aloe Vera Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of the dryness, a foot wash made of Almond Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar for cleansing, an exfoliating rub made from Blueberry Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, and organic sugar granules, a rejuvenating mask made using mineral clay and fruit extracts to hydrate and brighten the skin, and a moisturizer made of Shea Butter and Blueberry Oil. Additionally, the cleansing regimen includes a soothing massage candle made from a unique blend of Soy Protein, Exotic Butters, and Select oils to make it a truly detoxifying regimen. Add to that a cup of delicious organic tea that nourishes the liver, your body is cleansed of all the internal and external toxins while relaxing the mind and soul.

NS Style Salon also offers some freebies with this ritual – Detox Foot Patches that are a natural way to remove toxins, heavy metal, and organic wastes from the body by expelling them from the sin; and a Mindtree Bathe stick with a sprout pencil. The pencil has a small capsule with live seeds. After using the pencil, people can plant and water it to help it sprout.

Holi is indeed a time for celebration and NS Style Salon wants you to enjoy the festival without worrying about the post-Holi cleansing regimen. They have curated Detox packages that will help you cleanse and feel rejuvenated within a few hours. So, this Holi, while you might still layer your nails with nail polish and dab three layers of cold cream on your skin to protect it, when it comes to post-Holi cleansing, head for the nearest NS Style Salon outlet and experience their exclusive Detox Manicure and Pedicure and drive out all the toxins and bring in the bliss. Also, the best part, since the entire regimen is 100% organic and chemical-free, you can take your kids along too and get them to experience it with you!

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