Baby Daughter has overwhelmed Ace Bollywood Choreographer Shabina Khan

The couple has welcomed a baby girl and is over the moon about the new arrival. “The feeling can’t be described in words. It’s something to be experienced. We feel so blessed “ says Javed Ansari the father to the new born daughter. The couple opted for surrogacy procedure . Excited about the arrival of their new born, both Javed & Shabina Khan are  excited to embrace parenthood with all its highs and lows.  

“It’s a beautiful feeling and more so, as it has come completely unexpected for Javed and me. Suddenly, life has become beautiful. I am looking forward to every step now. Of course, it’s unfamiliar territory, but the only one that comes with a guarantee of being wonderful. We feel really blessed!" the ace choreographer had earlier shared her excitement about her impending motherhood.

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